Stationery 'PORN' Must-haves #1

Not only am I addicted to clipart, but I have always had a soft spot for anything stationery!
When I was young, all I ever wanted was to have my very own OFFICE! Sad, I know! My mum wouldn't let me convert my bedroom, I don't know why! ;) I wanted a half glass door with my name in gold letters... OK, TMI!

I think my dreams have rubbed off onto our daughter as she already has a desk, laptop and is planning to spend her Christmas money on stationery so she can make her desk look like mine! Oops! :P

Thanks to TpT, and my wonderful partner - Now, I have my very own office space which I call: "My Product Creation Area"... Here it is:

So, now that I have everything I ever dreamed off as a child... Now, I need to kit it out with the cutest, bestest stationery! YAY!

Here is some stationery eye candy that I keep shoving in front of my partner... I wonder if the hints are working (I'll let you know!):

I have just signed up as an Amazon Affiliate to offer you links via Amazon. As I am in the UK, I cannot earn any commission as Amazon does not transfer $ gift cards or pay into oversea accounts... So, if you purchase anything from any of my affiliate links, you'll be contributing towards an Amazon gift card that I'll be giving away to ONE of my lucky readers. I will be sent one for every $10 earned, so once I have made all you lovely people spend $100!

Here are my top must haves RIGHT NOW:

Unicorn Composition Book - How AMAZING are these:

Paper Mate Flair Pens - Limited Edition TROPICAL Colors - O.M.G:

Stabilo PASTEL Highlighters - I LOVE these colors, how have they only JUST released these:

Pusheen Desk Weekly Planner Pad - how CUTE is Pusheen, you may notice this furry friend from Facebook... this is so handy to fill out and use for a quick glance of what needs to be done daily:

Salico Watercolor Brush Pens - have you watched any of those SEXY watercolor calligraphy videos on Instagram? These are the pens to try lettering for yourself:

I must stop for now as I am getting way TOO excited for all of this stationery - if you got excited while you read this, or a new purchase of some sexy stationery made you go a little wild... let me know about it in the comments below!

Check back for more stationery PORN next week - I hope to tantalise you MORE next time! ;) 


  1. Your title cracked me up and I am obsessed with the same. SOMEDAY, I'll have an office area! lol

  2. Such great information!! Thanks for sharing :)


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