EASY Back to School Pencil Craft for Kids

Does your little one have back to school nerves? Shake it up and make back to school fun with this easy pencil craft! They can even take it in to gift to their new teacher!


10 Items You Need For Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Making fun and creative lunches gives moms an outlet and offers the kids something really cool to look forward to midday. You don’t even have to put a ton of time into them, sometimes you can just use a fun container, themed napkins, and other items to create a lunch that will not only be tasty but bring a smile to their faces. I have gathered a list of 11 items to put in your lunch making kit for food they won’t be able to resist.


Campfire Cupcakes

If there is one thing I love about summer it's those long nights, sitting around a campfire - just enjoying the great outdoors with those I love!

These gorgeous campfire cupcakes are a great treat to share around while you all tell ghost stories AND they taste so good, you might even be forgiven for telling the same story you told last year!


Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free English Scones

These small bite sized scones are ridiculously tasty and being gluten, wheat and dairy free makes them a great allergen friendly treat for parties, desserts, lunch boxes (minus the cream!) - you name it! Who said allergen free baking couldn't be fun?!


Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free "HEALTHY" Ice-Cream

Vegan ice cream?! Ice cream that's low fat?! No you're not dreaming! 
This amazing ice cream is not only super easy to make and amazingly tasty, it's also a great way of encouraging those fussy eaters to eat some fruit! 


Easy Rainbow Pizza

Here in the UK it's Pride month so we thought what better way to celebrate than with rainbows AND pizza?! Even if it's not pride month where you are, who needs a special month to celebrate Diversity - especially when you are doing it with cheesy goodness!


Easy Patriotic Dipped Strawberries

Strawberries are in season right now and your little patriots will love this fruity fun activity! Don't forget to show off your creations in the comments!


Simple 4th of July American Flag Craft

Have you been searching for a fun and simple 4th of July flag craft for kids?

Keep reading to find out how to create this kid-friendly USA flag.


Easy Q-tip Fireworks for 4th of July

Create some spectacular and effective firework pictures with items around the house in celebration of Independence Day (or reuse the idea for Bonfire Night in November).


Simple Kids Snacks for Independence Day

Are you looking for some simple, fun, and easy patriotic treats to create with your kids on 4th of July?

Don't worry, I have you covered. I have ideas for an effective chocolate treat, or for a healthier option - check the end of the post to find out how to create kid-friendly red, white, and blue fruit displays!


4th July Fun Sensory Painting Activities for Kids

It is nearly Independence Day, which is a great time to get the paints and enjoy some sensory painting activities that any child will enjoy, no matter their age!

Our daughter has autism so she really enjoyed painting with different items around the house, and creating instant artwork without finding it too tricky!

We had lots of fun painting with pom poms, straws, and marbles - if you'd like to see our masterpieces, keep reading for inspiration as we have provided photographic visual tutorials.


Skinny Spinach Dip with Baked Shamrock Chips Recipe

Are you having a St Patrick's day party? Or do you just fancy making something super tasty that both adults and children alike will love?! 

Then this is the recipe for you! It's a great one for getting children trying something new in an exciting way and when food is fun it tastes even better!


St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Bark

Fancy some easy St. Patricks day activities? Do you also want something incredibly festive to snack on?!

Well you are in the right place! Below we have a step by step guide to making St. Patricks Day Chocolate bark and man, oh, man is it tasty! 


St Patrick's Craft Projects for Kids

When we homeschool we love using crafts to learn, to create and to reward brilliant work! 

Below are some of our favourite St Patrick's Day crafts and they are great for homeschooling or just for a super fun weekend activity! 

Have fun, get messy and enjoy!


St. Patrick's Math & Literacy Activities

Do you need to add some fun into your learning? Do shamrocks and rainbows sound right up your street?! Then, below you will find a super list of awesome St Patrick's day themed sensory learning activities! 

From scavenger hunts to wordsearches, there is definitely something for all your little learners here!


10 St. Patrick's Day FREE Kindergarten Printables

It isn't long until the pots of gold, luck, clovers, rainbows, and leprechauns will be making an appearance, that is why I've scoured the big wide web and rounded up some the greatest FREE St. Patrick's Day themed Kindergarten resources!


20 St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Food for Kids

Are you stuck for ideas on how to keep your little ones amused during Spring Break? Well, it just so happens that Spring Break collides with St. Patrick's Day!

I have collated some of the BEST St. Patrick's Day crafts and food ideas for you - from handprint four leaf clovers to shamrock punch, fingerprint rainbow craft to Lucky Charms treats - I've got you covered!


Spring Crafts, Activities, and Snacks for Kids Round-up

Spring break is creeping up on us quickly - have you started sourcing some fun crafts to make? some spring-themed engaging activities? what about spring snack ideas that you could create with your children?

If you are on the hunt for some awesome spring-themed crafts, activities, and snacks for spring break to keep your children occupied, you've come to the right place as I have been scouring the net to present you with 17 of the best so you don't have too!


Dr. Seuss Snacks and Crafts Roundup

Are you stuck for ideas for Dr. Seuss day? I have selected 30 different snacks and crafts ideas for kids, just for you! I hope you find something you've not tried yet, if not - hopefully, you'll feel inspired to get creative for Dr. Seuss' birthday and/or Read Across America.


Dr Seuss Oreo Cat in the Hat Recipe and Guide

I bet you cannot stop hearing about Dr. Seuss at the moment! Are you kids nagging you to read "Green Eggs and Ham" for the umpteenth time in a row?! Are your students only listening to you if you make all of your commands rhyme?!

Why not entertain the kiddos with some Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat themed Oreo treats? Keep reading to find out how to create these adorable snacks!


Dr Seuss Book Round-up

Oh, look - a book! Are you a huge Dr. Seuss fan? Maybe you'll change your mind after you check out my list of 40 Dr. Seuss books - do you think you've read all of Dr. Seuss' books?!

I created this list to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday tomorrow, and to help you find some new reads for Read Across America.

Some of these books were hard to even find a cover example, if you fancy reading a new Dr. Seuss book that catches your eye out of this list, I have included links to Amazon so you can purchase a copy.


26 Mardi Gras Recipes and Activities for Kids and FREE Cupcake Toppers

Mardi Gras isn’t just a celebration for adults, kids love it too! If you’re looking for ways to celebrate with your children, I’ve got you covered!

Mardi Gras is known for delicious foods (King Cake, anyone?) and decorating in bright, sparkly green, purple, and gold decor, and having fun. Here’s a list of fun Mardi Gras recipes, crafts, and activities for kids. Whether you’re looking for yummy treats, or an easy craft, you’ll find something the kids will love.

Pick a few of these activities and recipes, grab your glitter and glue, and get ready to have fun with your kids!

Don't forget to grab your FREE Mardi Gras Cupcake Toppers at the end of this post!


Mardi Gras Crescent Rolls Recipe and Visual Step-by-Step Guide

It isn't long to Fat Tuesday so I thought I would try to inspire you with a Mardi Gras themed breakfast food idea - this is a simple recipe that you could enjoy doing on your own, with your children, your partner... your cat, dog, fish, hamster... you get the point!

Keep reading for the full recipe and step by step instructions and photos - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


4 Craftivities to Get Your Kids Thinking about Black History Month

Teachers, moms, babysitters... this post is for you! If you need creative ideas to keep your kids busy (and learning) this February, keep on reading!

February can be a difficult month. It's still pretty cold outside, kids get sick way too often (I've been sick for what seems like a month), and we are feeling a little down from not sticking to our New Year's Resolutions. It's no wonder we feel like throwing in the towel sometimes. But with these worksheets and activities, your kids will learn to LOVE being cooped up with this weather, and so will you!

**For a free sample, fun facts and teaching tips to go along with these activities, head to the bottom of this post!!**


Crazy Daisies Launch Blog Hop Giveaway!

I'm helping Crazy Daisies celebrate their collaboration launch! Fancy some free Valentine's freebies and a giftcard giveaway? Keep reading!


Blog Hop: Grab some freebies and get to know the CFTC team better!

As well as having this blog, I am a part of a collaborative blog - Conversations from the Classroom - which we began this year. There are lots of strong teacher-authors on our team which range from grades PreK - 7, and specialize is lots of different subjects. If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should - there is something for everyone!

We host linky parties once a month, and this month we are hosting hops on all of our social media outlets, and if you hop around to all of them, you can grab yourself some freebies along the way. We are doing the hop so you get the chance to get to know us all a little better - look out for the graphics that contain some personal facts about each author. You can find the links for the other hops when you visit our collab blog (here) and the Rafflecopter for my giveaway - Groundhog Day ELA and Math Worksheet pack and Groundhog Craftivity.


TpT Giftcard Giveaway - 2 x $60 TpT giftcards up for grabs!

As it is normal practice in the TPT community to celebrate with all of your fellow TPT'ers - some amazing teacher-authors have teamed up with me to help me celebrate my mini milestones: 500 Facebook likes, and 1000 TPT Feedback, which is AWESOME - just like the TPT community!


TpT School: HTML Dingbats

This is a follow on tutorial / tips post from the Note to Followers, and Product Description tutorials. This week I'll provide you with all the HTML codes you will need to vamp your product descriptions and Note to Followers, as well as a Dingbat visual cheat sheet.


Blog Launch $100 TpT Giftcard Giveaway

As it is normal practice in the TPT community to celebrate with all of your fellow TPT'ers - some amazing teacher-authors have teamed up with me to help me celebrate my blog launch, which is AWESOME - just like the TPT community!


TpT School: How to print your fonts and save as a PDF

Do you have a font obsession as well as a clip art addiction? It's OK - you can tell me, I confess... Just can't get enough of the pretty fonts and the cute clipart!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of those KG fonts you've got stored in your dedicated font folder? Wish you were able to easily and quickly find THE perfect font to go with your favorite script or handwritten font which will make your product cover POP?!

In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to print a sample of all of your fonts, but if you don't want to waste ink and would rather have a digital copy, I'll show you how to create a PDF of all of your fonts as well.


TpT School: How to brand your TpT store

I have seen lots of questions in Facebook groups and on the TpT seller forum regarding logos, shop banners, rotating quote banners, and product covers - so I thought I'd write a post to help you all out.

I know when I was a newbie, I didn't have a clue how to add branding or the sizes of anything - especially the circle logos! I definitely did NOT know how to create or install a rotating quote banner (basically a GIF) - so after learning the hard way, I thought I'd share my experience with you so you can learn the easy way! ;)

In this post you will find instructions on how to add branding to your TpT store, the dimensions of logos, banners and covers so they'll fit perfectly, how to add a rotating quote banner, as well as blank templates which you can edit and use.

If you're lucky - I might even throw in an example of a generic shop banner and a rotating quote banner that you can use to decorate your store, or just to use as practice whilst following the tutorial.


Stationery 'PORN' Must-haves #1

Not only am I addicted to clipart, but I have always had a soft spot for anything stationery!
When I was young, all I ever wanted was to have my very own OFFICE! Sad, I know! My mum wouldn't let me convert my bedroom, I don't know why! ;) I wanted a half glass door with my name in gold letters... OK, TMI!

I think my dreams have rubbed off onto our daughter as she already has a desk, laptop and is planning to spend her Christmas money on stationery so she can make her desk look like mine! Oops! :P

Thanks to TpT, and my wonderful partner - Now, I have my very own office space which I call: "My Product Creation Area"... Here it is:

So, now that I have everything I ever dreamed off as a child... Now, I need to kit it out with the cutest, bestest stationery! YAY!

Here is some stationery eye candy that I keep shoving in front of my partner... I wonder if the hints are working (I'll let you know!):

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