Cray-Cray about Clipart #1

Welcome to my first post about clip art!

If you are anything like me, you are absolutely, undeniably CRAY-CRAY about clip art... I am always on the hunt for it, continuously refreshing TpT, stalking my favorite artists on FB and looking through the most recently added!

When I begin dreaming about new sets, I believe I have a problem... I am a TpT Clipart Addict! I made this image below, and if you LOVE clipart as much as me, you will be able to relate too:

Anyway, this post isn't just about me admitting I have a problem, I'm here to feed your addiction and show you some sets that I've purchased, and some sets that are on my wishlist! You never know, you may find some new artists to stalk! ;)

Here are my latest purchases:

I snapped this up quickly as it was only $1 (hence the name BUCK BUYS). As three sets have been added now, the price has increased to $3. If you think that you can't possibly live without this set, click the link above and buy it before it goes up to $6.

If you are a hardcore clipart addict, you probably already know who created this set, and probably already own LOADS of EduClips sets! If you don't already follow EduClips on TPT, you should as brand new sets are always posted with 50% OFF! I bought this set when it was only $3, as this set is quite controversial... I know that I am going to need it for future projects!

I LOVE all of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs clipart! I tend to grab her sets as soon as they are posted! I got this set for an AMAZING price as it was a FLASH DEAL, if you want to get in on the bargains, make sure you follow the store!

I literally own every single worksheet element by Tricia Cute Designs! They are so helpful when creating my worksheet packs! Plus, she is very willing to help her buyer - I sent her a whole list of packs I'll be working on, and Tricia delivered quickly so I could keep creating!

Here are some clipart sets in my wishlist:

I want this set of clipart BADLY! It'll be brilliant to include in my worksheet packs to help guide little ones who need visual cues!

I bought the alphabet set during the latest sale, and I am waiting to get around to using them - then, this will be my next purchase! I have A LOT of Hidesy's Clipart already as she has lots of sets for $1 that help with worksheet designs!

These are in my wishlist as I have bought previous color-by-number sets which I haven't found the time to set up yet, so when I am ready to release Color-by-Number packs, this will be one of my next purchases!

I hope you have enjoyed this post - have you found any new clipartists? Do you own any of these sets? What clipart sets have you purchased recently?


  1. Love every clip art sets you mentioned above! What an informative post for clip art lovers!!!!! Thank you so much! Your comics rocks!

    1. Thank you Tricia - I'll be writing a new clipart post each week so make sure you keep checking back :)

  2. New clip artist here! Great comic! I'd love your thoughts on my work: Thank you!

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      I'll take a look at your store, keeping checking each week for a new clipart post as you may find yourself featured :)

  3. Nice blog! I have a real clipart habit myself. I like the ones you mention but also *love* all the clip art from

    1. Thank you Grandma :P I believe I am a follower of Ninja Woman already but I'll take a look and see if there are any sets I might NEED ;) thank you for the suggestion!

  4. Cute blog and comic. I need some more Clipart so I will be staying tuned :)

  5. Thank you for all the suggestions. I am always wanting more clip art, but rarely have the time to look. You just made it easier! Thanks! :)

  6. We all need more clipart...Thank you for sharing your suggestions and ideas!

  7. I love all the stores you mentioned! I, too, am in the "Cray-Cray for Clip Art" Club. Below are some that I love for science content clip art or for other general needs.

    Studio Devanna:
    The Painted Crow:
    The Cher Room:
    A Little Peace of Africa: <--- she made my logo and store banners and is in process of working on my blog
    Teacher's Clipart: <----- her products are usually free for the first 24 hours

  8. You have one of my all time favorites on your list Tri-Originals. Clip art is definitely addicting

  9. I have a clip art addiction too! There are so many talented clip artists on TpT and I LOVE using their clip art to make my products even more awesome!!!


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