Cray-Cray about Clipart #1

Welcome to my first post about clip art!

If you are anything like me, you are absolutely, undeniably CRAY-CRAY about clip art... I am always on the hunt for it, continuously refreshing TpT, stalking my favorite artists on FB and looking through the most recently added!

When I begin dreaming about new sets, I believe I have a problem... I am a TpT Clipart Addict! I made this image below, and if you LOVE clipart as much as me, you will be able to relate too:

Anyway, this post isn't just about me admitting I have a problem, I'm here to feed your addiction and show you some sets that I've purchased, and some sets that are on my wishlist! You never know, you may find some new artists to stalk! ;)


TpT School: Vamp your Note to Followers

Welcome to TpT School! I will be adding weekly tutorials that may help you learn something new, or you may gain extra tips and tricks that you never knew!

Lesson #1 is a guide on how to vamp up your note to followers by including images, images that link to products, dingbats, colored text, bold/italic and underlined text, links, and lots more!

At the end of this tutorial, you'll find a link to download this tutorial from my TpT store so you can print and keep it for reference! You're welcome! ;) All I ask, if you learned something new, have something to add, or thought it was helpful - let me know please!

Let's go...

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